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E-Filing in the New Normal

To ensure the continuity of proceedings governed by NAPOLCOM MC 2016-002 in the "New Normal", the filing through electronic mail (e-mail) of Complaints, Affidavits, Counter-Affidavits, Pleadings, Motions, Position Papers and other communications in Summary Dismissal Cases may be resorted to, in addition to the existing prescribed modes of filing.

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GIVING IS CARING. In celebration of the 25th Police Community Relations Month, NAPOLCOM Regional Office 2, led by Regional Director MANUEL L. PONTANAL visited and distributed hygiene kits and food packs to the women and children at the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) and Regional Haven for Women and Girls (RHWG) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


INSPECTION.The Provincial Officers of NAPOLCOM Region 2, under the supervision of Regional Director Manuel L. Pontanal, recently conducted inspections of established PNP Quarantine Checkpoints in various cities and municipalities across the region.



Other activities of the regional personnel during the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) include work from home arrangement in order to continually perform some regular office tasks and assignments such as preparation, review and approval of office communications, reports of investigation and other legal correspondences, continuous monitoring of compliances of PNP personnel to policies and standards on law enforcement, particularly those deployed in checkpoint areas within the region. Online reports, inquiries and complaints received via social media are also regularly checked and forwarded to the concerned personnel for information and appropriate action.


CACAO AND COFFEE PLANTING. As a tradition, commissioners who visit us in the regional office plant their respective trees to serve as their memorabilia. During the executive visit of Comr. Felizardo “Jun” M. Serapio, Jr. on March 5, 2020, he planted coffee and cacao.



GREEN LIVING. The officials and employees of the National Police Commission Regional Office 2 led by Regional Director Manuel L. Pontanal rose to the challenge of creating and maintaining a greener office lawn by planting trees and a variety of vegetables.







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